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Terms & Conditions

(A) Definitions and Interpretation
In these terms, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings as defined below unless the context otherwise requires:

“Account” refers to the Member’s account maintained by Pan Pacific Privileges for the purpose of fulfilling programme functions as necessary.

“Associate” refers to a valid employee who is hired for a wage, salary, fee or payment to perform work at Pan Pacific Singapore at the point of service.

“Authorised Guest” refers to a guest of a Member authorised by Pan Pacific Singapore via proof of acknowledged documentation.

“Benefits” refer to the products, services or facilities available to the Members according to the membership tiers they qualify for.

“Bonus Points” refer to the additional points accrued only during stated promotions and offers as determined by Pan Pacific Privileges. These are credited to a Member’s account at a conversion rate as stipulated in the Program.

“CRM system” refers to the Customer Relationship Management system which the Pan Pacific Privileges department utilises to administrate the program.

“Dining Credit” refers to a reward with a fixed value that can be redeemed against future dining spend.

“Dining Spend” refers to expenditure on all food and beverage at participating hotel restaurants and bars excluding all goods and services tax, service charges, redemptions, selected promotions, gift certificates, vouchers and discounts. Expenditure on Pacific Dollars, tobacco, flowers, banquet, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road, Pan Pacific Orchard, PARROYAL Collection Marina Bay, PARKROYAL Collection Pickering, Prestige membership fee, in-room dining, mini-bar, weddings and catering-related dining, Rang Mahal are not eligible for point accrual.

“Management” refers to the management team which administrates the Pan Pacific Privileges programme, operating within Pan Pacific Singapore.

“Member” refers to a person who has been successfully enrolled by Pan Pacific Singapore as a Member in the Pan Pacific Privileges programme and holding a current and valid membership account.

“Pan Pacific Singapore” refers to Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore located at 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595.

"Pan Pacific Privileges app" refers to the mobile app to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, upon successful enrolment to the programme.

“Participating Facilities” refers to all hotel restaurants and bars designated by Pan Pacific Singapore as participating in the Pan Pacific Privileges programme and allows earning of points via a dedicated operating system. This includes Atrium Lounge, Edge, Poolside Restaurant and Bar, Hai Tien Lo, Keyaki, Plume, and Pacific Emporium. Management reserves the right to change or remove participants with no prior notification.

“Points” refer to the points converted from dining spend at participating hotel restaurants and bars only, which are credited to a Member’s account at a conversion rate as stipulated in the programme benefits. Points earned within a membership term will expire at the end of the following membership term.

“Premium” refers to the basic complimentary tier of membership which has no pre-qualification criteria for enrolment.

“Prestige” refers to the higher tier of membership which costs a SGD$888 upfront membership fee or requires a minimum dining spend of SGD$3,888 within a 12-month Premium membership term to qualify for a complimentary upgrade.

“Programme” refers to the Pan Pacific Privileges dining loyalty programme for guests of Pan Pacific Singapore.

“Programme Terms” refer to the terms and conditions of the programme as set out herein incorporating all such amendments and revisions from time to time by the management of Pan Pacific Singapore.

“Membership Term” refers to the 12-month period which all memberships whether Premium or Prestige are valid for. Membership terms are always until the last day of the calendar month. E.g. if a membership term starts on 15 July 2018, it will be valid until 30 June 2019. Premium members will be automatically renewed at the end of their membership term. All expired Prestige memberships will be automatically enrolled for a Premium membership term.

“Reservation” refers to any dining reservation or booking with Pan Pacific Singapore for the purpose of usage or redemption of goods and/or services.

“Rewards” refer to all the goods, services, facilities and benefits made available to Members through the redemption of points and vouchers available in the Members’ accounts.

“Statement” refers to an automated monthly statement of account sent via electronic transmission by Pan Pacific Privileges to the email address previously provided, which will state all the eligible transactions of the preceding month.

“Tiers” refer to Premium which is the basic tier and Prestige which is the higher membership tier in the Programme membership; each Tier offers a set of Benefits, privileges and qualification criteria which may differ.

“Transaction” refers to a qualifying dining visit for the purpose of point accrual.

“Renewal Criteria” shall mean a minimum of SGD$3,888 dining spend (Prestige tier) respectively within a 12-month membership term.

All references to the male gender shall include the female gender in the context of individuals and Members.

In the event there are inconsistencies between these terms and conditions and any marketing collaterals or promotional material relating to the programme and/or its rewards, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

In the event of any ambiguity or confusion over the meaning of any of these program terms and conditions, the interpretation taken by Pan Pacific Privileges of the programme terms will be final.

(B) Participation and Membership
Any local or overseas diner at Pan Pacific Singapore can apply for membership by completing an online enrolment form. The membership is NOT applicable to Pan Pacific Hotels Group associates.

As of 1 January 2019, a membership term is deemed as a 12-month period from the start or renewal date of the particular term.

The Pan Pacific Privileges membership, benefits and reward redemption are only applicable to Pan Pacific Singapore located at 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595.

Membership is open to any person aged twenty-one (21) years and above. Accurate personal details such as title, gender, first name, last name, date of birth, contact number, country of residence, nationality, email address, mailing address and marital status are necessary for enrolment.

Only individual persons are eligible for participation and membership; each individual can maintain only one (1) account.

Corporations and other legal entities cannot be enrolled as Members.

Participation and membership in the programme is subject to approval by Pan Pacific Privileges who reserves the right to refuse acceptance without giving any reason.

After successful submission of the online enrolment form, membership only commences upon the applicant’s receipt of the welcome email which includes an auto-generated unique membership number.

By signing up as a Member, it is deemed that express consent has been given by the Member to receive from Pan Pacific Singapore mailings and electronic communications via emails on latest news, a monthly Statement of Account and promotions within the hotel; and point updates via the Privileges mobile app after every point accrual arising from dining spend or point redemption. A Member may opt out of this service by unsubscribing in writing to Pan Pacific Privileges; or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link on electronic mailers to unsubscribe from future electronic mailers. Opting out of such communications will result in cancellation of membership as it would not be possible to continue providing the program services under such circumstances.

Members’ personal data will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Our Privacy Policy can be reviewed here .

The Premium membership enrolment fee is presently waived. This is subject to future review and change by the management (including the imposition of a fee for enrolment, membership or participation in the programme) without prior notice.

There will be periodic and short online surveys on Members’ profiles which Members are required to complete. This is to ensure that the personal information of Members’ is duly updated and is necessary for Pan Pacific Singapore to continually improve the programme and offer updated products and services to Members.

The Management reserves the right to audit accounts at any time for compliance with the programme’s terms and conditions without prior notice or explanation.

Dining transactions are recorded in each member’s profile in the CRM system. It can be recorded in two ways: automatically at Point-of-Sale when the membership number is linked to the check transaction, or via manual accrual by the Pan Pacific Privileges department.

Premium members will be automatically renewed at the end of their membership term.

For Premium members, points earned within a membership term will expire at the end of the following membership term.
Expired points cannot be reinstated for any reason.

A dining spend of SGD$3,888 has to be accumulated by a Premium Member within a 12-month membership term to qualify for upgrade to Prestige membership.

To qualify for Prestige membership renewal, the member needs to accumulate a minimum dining spend of SGD$3,888 within the 12-month membership term. The renewal Prestige membership term (12-months) will start the day after the previous term’s expiry.

For Prestige members, points will continue to be valid as long as the Prestige membership is maintained.

If a Prestige Member fails to meet membership renewal requirements on or before expiry, the membership will be revised to a Premium membership. The new Premium membership term (12-months) will start the day after the previous Prestige membership term’s expiry. All remaining points will expire at the end of the Premium membership term.

Membership is non-transferable. Usage of one (1) membership by more than one (1) person, and multiple enrolments by a single person holding more than one (1) membership are strictly not allowed. Management reserves the right to terminate such accounts without prior notice and also exclude the individual(s) from future participation in the programme. All points accrued will be forfeited with immediate effect without entitlement to compensation. The individual(s) may also be held liable for all damages, litigation and administrative costs.

All memberships are meant strictly for the registered individual’s usage and are non-transferable. Upon successful enrolment, Members are bound by the terms and conditions of the programme. Memberships remain the property of Pan Pacific Singapore and must be returned upon request, membership expiry or termination.

Upon successful enrolment, Pan Pacific Privileges will securely retain personal data of each Member. Express consent for Pan Pacific Privileges to send members cross-marketing promotional offers from Pan Pacific Singapore is granted as a prerequisite of membership enrolment, unless such consent is withdrawn in future. This data may also be used for ongoing research, marketing and communication purposes by Pan Pacific Singapore.

For security purposes, verification of personal identity via three information identifiers (e.g. date of birth, mobile number and email address) will be necessary for all enquiries regarding a Member’s account.

A change or update of personal details (e.g. mailing address or email address) on a Member’s profile can be submitted via written notification to Pan Pacific Privileges. However, proof of name change in the form of a scanned copy of deed poll and new Identification Card is mandatory for verification purposes in the interest of accuracy and for security purposes.

Members are responsible for keeping Pan Pacific Privileges updated on their accurate contact details. Pan Pacific Privileges is not responsible for any actions that result from inaccuracies in personal details or information as provided by the Member.

Memberships are only considered as successfully enrolled by Pan Pacific Singapore in the Pan Pacific Privileges programme when a current and valid membership account number has been provided to the Member.

Prestige members are entitled to a 15% savings on all food and beverages purchased at participating hotel restaurants and bars for lunch and dinner unless otherwise stated. Black-out dates apply and the 15% savings does not apply on the eve of and on public holidays. It is valid on all takeaway items with the exception of festive items including Chinese New Year goodies, Rice Dumplings, Mooncakes and Christmas goodies (unless otherwise stated). This is not applicable in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers or promotions including credit card discounts and offers (unless otherwise stated).
(C) Earning Points
At participating hotel restaurants and bars; Premium Members earn 10 points for every SGD$1 of dining spend, while Prestige Members earn 15 points for every SGD$1 of dining spend. Point accrual is not applicable in conjunction with discounts and promotions including credit card discounts and offers (unless otherwise stated). Points are earned on the bill amount exclusive of redemptions, discounts, goods and services tax and service charge.

Dining spend will be rounded down to the nearest dollar before conversion to points. Only one (1) membership number can be linked to a single receipt.

Accrual of points can only take place after successful enrolment in the Pan Pacific Privileges programme, and this is taken to mean the existence of a current and valid membership account number.

Points will not be accorded for dining bills which have been paid before the start date and time of membership enrolment as recorded in the CRM system. In the event of a dispute, the date and time which has been recorded in the CRM system will be taken as final.

Proof of identification may be requested with each visit to safeguard the Member’s account record, point redemption and for proper accrual of points.

In the event that a Premium Member accumulates enough dining spend to be upgraded to Prestige membership, 10 points for every SGD$1 in the entire cross-over bill will be earned. 15 points for every SGD$1 will be earned only from the next dining transaction as a Prestige Member.

Points credited to the Member’s membership account are neither exchangeable for cash nor refundable.

To scan the QR code on the bill after settlement in order for points to be accurately accrued for eligible transaction. If points were incorrectly credited or points were not credited, the Member should inform Pan Pacific Privileges within one (1) month from the transaction date.
Members can only accrue points on bills which they are paying for.

Only transactions at participating hotel restaurants and bars are deemed as eligible to qualify for point accrual.

Bonus points earned from promotions will be credited in the Member’s account at the point of transaction but occasionally these points are credited at the end of the bonus promotional period.

Pooling of points is not permitted and each membership can only be utilised by one person. Pan Pacific Privileges reserves the right to cancel a membership account and all points in the account will be forfeited, if it is found to be used or earned by more than one (1) person.

Requests for retroactive point accrual will only be considered if the Member was present at the time of dining activity and was the person paying the bill.

Pan Pacific Privileges reserves the right to change the number of participating hotel restaurants and bars, or close any facility for the purpose of upgrades or renovation, or any other purpose without prior notice. Any such change will not affect the membership renewal requirements.

Account statements are sent within the first week of every month to Members for dining transactions in the preceding month, as well as point redemptions within the statement period. The Member needs to give notice of any discrepancy, error or omission to Pan Pacific Privileges within thirty (30) days after receipt of the statement, failing which such statements shall be conclusive and binding on the Member (but without prejudice to Pan Pacific Singapore’s right to correct any discrepancy, error or omission and issuing a substitute statement).

In the event a member does not receive a statement of account or point update information due to change in contact details which was not communicated to Pan Pacific Privileges, loss mail, spam filter or firewall facility in the member’s email set up, Pan Pacific Privileges will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising thereof as a result of non-receipt of the statement or point update.

Pan Pacific Singapore reserves the right to reverse or cancel any points credited to a Member’s account incorrectly, or not in accordance with, or in breach of, the terms and conditions at any time.

Pan Pacific Singapore may at any time and without prior notice change or revise the number of points which can be earned for any dining transaction.

(D) Redeeming Points for Rewards
Points earned are redeemable for Rewards as listed in the programme, by deducting from the point balance available in the account once credited into the account.

Points earned as a Premium member within a membership term will expire at the end of the following membership term. For Prestige members, points will continue to be valid as long as the Prestige membership is maintained.

Strictly no extension on the validity period or reinstatement of expired points will be entertained.

(E) Member Rewards and Benefits
Each reward and benefit under the programme is subject to terms and conditions. Pan Pacific Privileges does not guarantee that any or all of the benefits and privileges of the program will be available at all times; Pan Pacific Privileges also reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, change, or suspend at its sole discretion such benefits or privileges at any time without giving any prior notice.

Complimentary room redemptions are subject to hotel occupancy and availability, and only valid at Pan Pacific Singapore. Prior reservation 14 working days in advance is required. Blackout periods include but are not limited to the eve of and on public holidays, festive and peak periods, Formula 1, major conventions in the city and high occupancy periods in the hotel.

Point redemptions are only valid at participating hotel restaurants and bars at Pan Pacific Singapore. Blackout periods include but are not limited to the eve of and on public holidays, festive and peak periods Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Formula 1. For Hai Tien Lo, it also includes the Eve of, and all 15 days of Lunar New Year.

Once redeemed, points and complimentary benefits are non-reversible, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, rebates, other rewards or any other compensation.

All redemption requests for complimentary items should be made at least 72 hours before collection, subject to availability.

Point redemptions cannot be utilised in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts including the 15% Prestige discount.

Any outstanding dining spend after point redemption is eligible for point accrual.

Benefits are exclusive to Members and hence non-transferable.

Decisions on the validity and procedures of all the benefits made by Pan Pacific Privileges shall be binding and final.

Personal happy hour benefit is only valid for Prestige Members exclusively at Atrium Lounge. Personal happy hour beverages are not to be shared or consumed by anyone other than the Member and are limited to one hour per calendar day. Personal Happy Hours are applicable for standard and premium house pour beverages only. This is not applicable in conjunction with the 15% savings for Prestige members.

The Birthday and Wedding Anniversary benefit is subject to a minimum spend of SGD$80 (excluding goods and services tax and service charge) within the birthday or wedding anniversary month. Each benefit is a one-time entitlement per membership term and is valid for dine-in only. Individual terms and conditions apply to the complimentary birthday meal for one extended to Prestige Members.

The complimentary parking benefit is only valid with a minimum spend of SGD$150 in one single bill excluding goods and services tax and service charge.

Pan Pacific Singapore shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever caused by or arising from any failure or delay in the provision of or malfunction, defect or deficiency in any of those goods, service facilities and Benefits.

(G) Membership Tier, Suspension, or Termination
Pan Pacific Privileges reserves the right to suspend or terminate any membership at any time without assigning any reason or giving any prior notice. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, Pan Pacific Privileges reserves the right to terminate a Member’s membership based on the following circumstances including but not limited to:

Breach by the Member of any of the programme terms and conditions;

The Member is discovered to have provided misleading information or made any misrepresentation to Pan Pacific Singapore relating to the programme;

The Member abuses any benefit or privilege accorded under the programme;

The Member engages in any fraudulent activities related to the programme;

The Member is deceased or is declared bankrupt;

The Member displays inappropriate behaviour at any participating hotel restaurants and bars or against any associate in Pan Pacific Singapore;

The Member opts out of receiving mail and electronic communications from Pan Pacific Privileges thereby preventing the provision of programme services.

Any other circumstances as may be determined by Pan Pacific Privileges at its sole discretion.

Upon membership termination, benefits and privileges will be cancelled and points will be forfeited immediately.

A membership can be cancelled at any time by a member. 7 (seven) working days advance notice in writing has to be given to Pan Pacific Privileges. Any outstanding points, benefits and privileges will be forfeited or cancelled.
(H) Changes to the Program
Information on the Programme may be provided to the Member from time to time, in writing or posted on the Pan Pacific Privileges’ website, and such information is incorporated into and forms part of these program terms.

Pan Pacific Privileges may at any time, vary or revise the Programme or Programme terms without giving notice to any Member; any such amendment, variation or revision shall be posted on Pan Pacific Privileges’ website.

Any amendment, variation or revision of the programme or programme terms will take effect as from the date specified by Pan Pacific Privileges. Any such changes will affect all points awarded or accrued, rewards, benefits and privileges granted prior to the change.

Notwithstanding any other provision herein, in no event shall Pan Pacific Singapore, its affiliated or related corporations, or their respective servants or agents, be liable to any Member or any third party claims through a Member, whether in contract of tort; for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, special or consequential, of any nature suffered by any Member resulting from the use or inability to use any of the privileges attached to this programme or membership thereto, including but without limitation to:

Any injury or death;

Any unauthorised use of the membership;

Any unauthorised use of points, rewards or benefits;

Any unauthorised redemption of points;

A Member’s failure to comply with the programme terms;

The suspension or termination of the programme;

Any error, omission or inaccuracy in any information provided by Pan Pacific Privileges or any participating hotel restaurants and bars; or

Any defect, deficiency, or breakdown of any software or system of Pan Pacific Singapore or any participating hotel restaurants and bars or of the Pan Pacific Singapore website, or any loss, corruption or deletion of any data or information supplied by a Member.
(I) Notices
Pan Pacific Privileges may send any notice or communication addressed to the Member concerning the programme, the account, or any rewards, benefits and promotions to the home or office address, mobile number or email address provided by the Member. Notices or communications sent to any such address will be deemed to have been received successfully by the Member within three (3) days after it was sent by pre-paid post and upon dispatch by Pan Pacific Privileges if sent by electronic transmission.

(J) Local Taxes and Governing Laws

The award and accumulation of points will be subject to all laws applicable to Pan Pacific Singapore or the Member which may restrict, prohibit or limit the number of points or the scope or extent of the rewards and benefits.

The Member shall bear and pay any local, state, federal or any other taxes and duties levied or imposed on the participation or membership in the programme and in obtaining or enjoying any benefits under the programme.

The obligations of Pan Pacific Privileges under the programme terms will be subject to all laws applicable to the Member.

No person (other than Pan Pacific Privileges and its associates) will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, Chapter 53B of Singapore to enforce any of these programme terms.

The programme terms will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and Members hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

Any claim by a Member against Pan Pacific Singapore concerning or arising from the program, any benefit, privilege or reward shall be made only in the Courts of the Republic of Singapore and will not be made in any other jurisdiction.

In the event of discrepancy between the programme or programme terms published on any printed materials and the Pan Pacific Privileges website, the current programme or programme terms on the website will prevail.

Updated on 4 December 2023